Welcome to the colorful world of a dyslexic filmmaker, where joy and passion fuel a multidimensional journey. In a world that often emphasizes specialization, I’ve found that embracing diverse interests has been a source of inspiration and personal growth. Join me as we delve into a story that exemplifies the joy of mastering multiple trades and advocating for positive change, all while remaining humble and grateful for the opportunities life has offered.

You might find it intriguing, but my creative spirit thrives on just four hours of sleep each night. This lifestyle choice grants me ample time to explore my myriad passions as a filmmaker, chef, artist, and more. It’s a remarkable journey where every moment counts, and I feel blessed to have the chance to experience so much joy and fulfillment in my various endeavors.

In a world that sometimes dismisses generalists, I’ve discovered that embracing a diverse skill set can be a delightful and rewarding path. Rather than being a “jack of all trades, master of none,” I’ve found that each discipline I pursue enriches the others, contributing to a unique and fulfilling creative journey. My joy is in discovering new connections and possibilities across these varied fields.

As a filmmaker with a heart for social justice, human rights, youth empowerment, feminism, and environmental causes, I strive to create works that touch hearts and inspire positive change. My films are more than just storytelling; they are a celebration of humanity and a call for a better world. The joy I find in filmmaking comes from the potential to impact lives and contribute to meaningful discussions.

Throughout my life, I’ve had the privilege of co-founding various initiatives, working with like-minded individuals who share a passion for positive change. From humble beginnings with environment and astronomy clubs during my high school days to the founding of 99%Media, a media group committed to social justice, each endeavor has been fueled by the joy of collaboration and collective impact.

In 2023, I had the honor of co-founding the Beirut Film Center with Mazen Hachem from Solo Films, an endeavor that fills my heart with pride. It’s an artistic space that brings together my love for filmmaking and my dedication to making a difference. Despite facing challenges, the joy of working towards a common purpose with passionate individuals makes every effort worthwhile.

In a world that often values specialization, my journey as a multidisciplinary dyslexic filmmaker has taught me the beauty of embracing diverse interests and causes. Through joyful exploration and humble collaboration, I’ve discovered that the pursuit of mastery in multiple disciplines is a source of immense fulfillment and personal growth. Let this tale be a reminder that with passion, dedication, and a spirit of humility, we can create a positive impact in the world while finding joy in every step of our journey.