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Welcome to the Beirut Film Center (BFC), a visionary haven co-founded by Samer Beyhum and Mazen Hachem. Our mission? To revolutionize filmmaking by nurturing a community of trailblazers who defy the ordinary and craft content with a purpose. With Samer Beyhum, a driving force behind 99Media Quebec, and Mazen Hachem, the creative mind behind Solo Films, at the helm, the BFC is a hub of cinematic innovation.

Embracing film as a catalyst for societal change, we’re committed to providing a dynamic space for filmmakers to learn, grow, and cultivate impactful narratives. Our canvas boasts a spectrum of programs and workshops – from the art of filmmaking to the intricacies of screenwriting and the art of documentary production. And that’s not all; expect a captivating monthly film screening series that spotlights both local gems and global masterpieces. Each film echoes with socio-political resonance and artistic brilliance.

Samer and Mazen’s passion for the silver screen’s transformative potential drives our endeavor. Together, we’re crafting a sanctuary for filmmakers to refine their craft, evolve, and weave stories that resonate deeply. Join us in rewriting the script of conventional filmmaking and embracing the power of storytelling for change. Welcome to the Beirut Film Center – where visionaries become vanguards of the reel revolution.


In various regions across the world, dedicated organizations play a pivotal role in nurturing local cinema. These establishments serve as hubs for education and skill development, offering comprehensive assistance across all phases of production. Additionally, they host screenings and discourse on independent local films and their creators, serving as valuable repositories of knowledge and networking opportunities. Beyond their contributions to the filmmaking community, these collectives also contribute to the dissemination of cultural understanding and expertise.

While Lebanon boasts several foundations and initiatives centered around filmmaking, it has yet to establish an entity that embodies the concept of a true film cooperative. Seeking to address this gap, the Beirut Film Center emerges as an endeavor aimed at fulfilling this need in the Lebanese film landscape.

While Lebanon has serval film-related foundations and initiatives it lacks an entity that acts like a true film cooperative. The Beirut Film Center aims to fill this exact gap.


  1. For those who aspire to learn the craft of filmmaking without the means or willingness to bear the high costs of university tuition, an alternative is essential.
  2. Filmmakers and videographers at various skill levels who seek to refine their techniques and broaden their expertise can find value in new learning opportunities.
  3. Independent filmmakers who are in search of budget-friendly equipment rental solutions have a reliable option to consider.
  4. Additionally, cinephiles with an interest in exploring the realm of independent films have a place to engage with and appreciate unique narratives.


  1. A hub for online filmmaking courses, crafted by seasoned professionals in the field—both local and international. These courses are available in Arabic for the region and in English for global subscribers.
  2. A platform where filmmakers from the region can come together to share ideas, exchange experiences, and offer assistance to one another.
  3. An extensive directory of regional film experts, including filmmakers and crew members. This resource streamlines the process of finding the right individuals for various projects.
  4. A treasure trove of knowledge, encompassing blogs, articles, essays, film critiques, and podcasts, providing a rich repository of information for enthusiasts and practitioners alike.


The Beirut Film Center goes beyond being just a space to learn the intricacies of filmmaking, which encompass art, science, and technology. Our mission extends to fostering a sense of ethical conduct and creating a secure environment, particularly for marginalized communities.

Our guiding principles encompass:

  1. Reverence for the inherent worth of every individual, regardless of their race, color, beliefs, gender, or sexual orientation.
  2. Embracing the right to free thought and expression in accordance with Article 1.
  3. Upholding a standard of ethical professionalism and decorum.
  4. Ensuring equal opportunities for all, fostering an environment of fairness.
  5. Empowering children and young people.
  6. Empowering women.
  7. Empowering the LGBTQ community.
  8. Empowering marginalized groups and communities.
  9. Empowering individuals with disabilities.